Free Cervical Cancer Screening

The Cervical Cancer Foundation has partnered with the Empowerment Resource Center to create a comprehensive HPV and cervical cancer prevention program by providing free of charge diagnostic test such as colposcopy for women with abnormal Pap or HPV test.

program is ongoing at empowerwent resource center

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program is ongoing at empowerwent resource center

Empowerment Resource Center (ERC) is a non-profit, community-based  organization, with a 501(C)(3) status. Established in 2003 and incorporated in  2006. The mission of Empowerment Resource Center is to provide programs,  services, and community-level solutions to improve the health-related quality  of life for the communities we are privileged to serve. Key services provided  by ERC include HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention education,  risk reduction counseling, testing, referral, and treatment services. More  specifically, ERC provides Annual Wellness Exams offering Pappy Hourfor  low income clients to receive Pap testing at no cost. Cervical Cancer  Foundation will provide free colposcopy services to ERC in their quest to  complete the circle of cervical cancer care by providing access to diagnostic  procedures that can lead to early diagnosis.

program is ongoing at empowerwent resource center

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We currently are accepting donations on GoFundMe for the Empowerment Resource Center (ERC) and “With Love, We Learn!” program.