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The Cervical Cancer Foundation formerly the Spirit Foundation has its birthplace in Atlanta, Georgia. The Cervical Cancer Foundation began as a vision in 2003 by Dr. Lisa Flowers to reach out to the community about HPV and cervical cancer. Dr. Flowers realized that patients, their spouses and families were unaware of the consequences of HPV infection, its link to cervical cancer and the methods to reduce its transmission. Without this kind of knowledge, many of these patients did not understand the importance of follow-up after abnormal pap tests or diagnostic tests such as colposcopies. Similarly, many patients were unaware that HPV is a sexually transmitted infection with high infection rates worldwide. Statistically, the majority of sexually active individuals have already had contact with the HPV virus. There was a need for patients to understand the real facts about HPV and how to prevent cervical cancer, so Dr. Flowers sought to fill this unmet medical need by dedicating her life’s work to engage health providers and community leaders to build the Cervical Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit healthcare organization which promotes HPV education, cervical cancer awareness and free cervical cancer screening to women.

As a result, the Cervical Cancer Foundation has worked to create a variety of programs and activities to provide education and to raise awareness about HPV and Cervical Cancer, as well as to raise money to provide free services to at-need women. Check out our programs page for more info.

The majority of the Cervical Cancer Foundation’s long-term volunteers are health providers who understand the disparity which exists in morbidity and mortality in those who die from cervical cancer. They are all volunteers who are committed to ensure that no women suffers from cervical cancer. Today, we have seen this vision grow and encompass our annual Zumbathon fundraiser. These programs help provide the resources for the Cervical Cancer Foundation to keep the dream and hope alive to increase the use of the HPV vaccine to age appropriate young women, and to provide secondary prevention with free cervical cancer screening test for women.