Free Cervical Cancer Screening

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The Open Door Community has been a pillar in the Atlanta Midtown community for over 30 years. The Open Door Community provides residence for those who are homeless and feeds over 2000 local Atlanta residents each week. The Spirit Foundation has partnered with the Open Door Community to create a comprehensive HPV and cervical cancer prevention program at the Harriet Tubman Clinic.

The Spirit Foundation in collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine, provides free healthcare to residents of the homeless shelter and basic reproductive health services to uninsured women in Atlanta who do not otherwise have access to healthcare. We provide free physical examinations and cancer screening as well as medical follow up for women with abnormal test results. Spirit Foundation also provides free cervical cancer screens for homeless and uninsured women at the Open Door Community’s Harriett Tubman Clinic.

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We currently are accepting donations on GoFundMe for the Harriett Tubman Clinic and “With Love, We Learn!” program. Scroll down or click here to be directed to our donation page.